About us

EVEXIAS Health Solutions is a trailblazer in the advancement of integrative, whole-body healthcare, and a leading provider of integrated wellness solutions for those experiencing the debilitating symptoms of hormonal imbalance or seeking to prevent disease and simultaneously maximize vitality and longevity.

With the mission of positively impacting lives by advancing medicine toward a preventive care model, EVEXIAS helps patients discover total wellness through integrative medical therapies, including hormone pellet therapy, peptide therapy, and nutraceuticals. EVEXIAS also assists practitioners in growing their practices through a wellspring of trainings and resources EVEXIAS offers integrative healthcare solutions in three main verticals. Our flagship offering is our proprietary hormone pellet therapy methodology, EvexiPEL. Pellet therapy addresses symptoms of hormone imbalance such as fatigue, decreased sex drive, weight gain, or mood swings. What set EvexiPEL apart is the technique and the pellets—both unique in the industry and gaining notoriety for enhancing patient outcomes, including a more comfortable experience and enhanced efficacy when compared to longstanding “traditional” methodologies.

Pellet therapy has emerged as the preferred way to address hormonal imbalances because it allows patients to avoid the drawbacks associated with other hormone replacement therapy (HRT) delivery methods. Each standard hormone pellet insertion procedure may offer hormonal balance for 3 to 5 months based on gender and cardiac output.

In addition to EvexiPEL, EVEXIAS supports education and training for practitioners who offer peptide therapy in their practice. Therapeutic peptides are a unique class of pharmaceutical agents composed of a series of well-ordered amino acids that act as drones inside the body to influence specific pathways and molecular responses. When supplemented as part of a practitioner-supervised treatment plan, peptide therapy supports growth and repair, modulates inflammation, and can help mitigate the effects of aging. Though peptide therapy has been around since the development of insulin in 1921, science is only just beginning to understand the full healing potential of peptides. An ever-growing body of research suggests that peptide therapy may help to address a myriad of health concerns, including weight loss and management, aging, sexual health, immune system function, chronic illness like irritable bowel syndrome, and cancer.

EVEXIAS also offers a robust line of high-quality, medical-grade nutraceuticals, designed for optimized bioavailability and to support whole-body health, hormonal balance, cognitive health, weight loss and management, longevity and immunity, thyroid health, and gut health. The EVEXIAS nutraceutical line includes daily supplements, as well as nutraceuticals designed for certain demographics in need of more specific support.

Crafted by prominent professionals in nutrition and medicine, EVEXIAS nutraceutical formulations undergo rigorous testing for purity and potency through top regulatory organizations, to ensure they meet the highest standards. Tailored to address your unique health goals, EVEXIAS pharmaceutical-grade nutraceuticals are exclusively accessible through licensed medical practitioners.

The EVEXIAS team also enhances patient care across the nation by strengthening provider treatment plans and skillsets through reputable training programs taught by industry-leading medical practitioners, researchers, and scientists. The EVEXIAS certified provider trainings involve training practitioners in EVEXIAS’ proprietary therapies, as well as training and resources on innovative and transformative integrative health and business topics.

EvexiPEL Certified Providers enjoy extensive benefits designed to optimize patient outcomes. These benefits include continuous training in various treatment modalities to help practitioners stay ahead of technology and industry changes, trainings and support in the business operations of private practice, knowledge base tools for self-development, and access to top-tier partners in pharmaceuticals, health technology, and beyond.

By supporting patients and providers with a wide range of innovative integrative medicine products and resources, EVEXIAS is ever striving towards its core goal: To protect and champion everyone’s right to thrive.