What is EVEXIAS Sleep?

EVEXIAS Sleep is packed with a powerful blend of nutrients, organic chemical compounds and adaptogenic herbs that have been recognized for their shared ability to promote healthy sleep cycles by supporting the body’s natural stress response. If not addressed properly, poor sleep can eventually lead to chronic sleep loss and a wide range of symptoms and health conditions that have the potential to negatively impact whole body health, including depression, reduced cognitive function, cardiovascular disease, diminished sex drive, and reduced immune function.


5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP)

5-HTP is an amino acid produced naturally by the body that also serves as a chemical messenger. 5-HTP has long been used in supplements for sleep support, because it naturally increases the levels of dopamine in the body.

Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA)

GABA is another amino acid and chemical messenger, and it is specifically located in the brain. GABA is known as an inhibitory neurotransmitter, because it blocks certain chemical signals from reaching the central nervous system. By blocking the chemical signals that are responsible for negative feelings like fear and anxiety, GABA can often promote the feelings of calm that are critical to the body’s natural stress response.


Melatonin is also found naturally in the body, but it is a hormone that the brain actually produces. The pineal gland produces melatonin in response to dark surroundings in order to support the proper timing of circadian rhythms, which are crucial for healthy sleep patterns.

Valerian Root

Valerian root is found in Europe and Asia, and it has long been recognized for its adaptogenic properties. This adaptogenic herb is fairly common in supplements for sleep support, because it has been known to reduce anxiety and promote feelings of calm by enhancing the function of GABA receptors.


Honokiol is a lignan with neuroprotective properties that can be found in magnolia seeds and other parts of the magnolia plant. This organic chemical compound has also been recognized for its ability to reduce feelings of anxiety and fear with its anxiolytic properties.

Why Do You Need EVEXIAS Sleep?

A poor night’s sleep can affect the human body’s ability to function at an optimal level the next day. Most people have experienced a poor night’s sleep at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, chronic sleep issues are also quite common; in fact, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has estimated that as many as 30 percent of US adults have reported experiencing chronic sleep issues that affect their long-term ability to both fall and stay asleep. While a poor night’s sleep can affect the body’s ability to function the next day at an optimal level, chronic sleep issues often lead to a wide range of symptoms and health conditions that can have a massive impact on whole body health. Fortunately, the nutraceutical industry has developed a wealth of products that have the potential to naturally address sleep loss and support healthy sleep cycles.

Fatigue and lapses in both concentration and memory are often the two most noticeable effects of a poor night’s sleep. To make matters worse, sleep loss and its immediate effects can compound on one another and force the body into a negative feedback loop. If sleep loss is not properly addressed, it can lead to insomnia and other chronic sleep issues. Chronic sleep loss can then lead to a wide range of symptoms and more serious health conditions that include:

  • Depressed mood and increased risk of depression
  • Reduced immune function
  • Reduced sex drive
  • Difficulties with focus and memory
  • Fatigue
  • Increased risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and other aspects of cardiovascular disease

There are numerous internal and external factors that could be root causes of sleep loss. Since the root causes of sleep loss usually boil down to more than one factor in each specific case, experts in sleep health often recommend that people take a look at their own daily habits leading up to the time they go to bed. These habits that affect sleep health are often categorized under the term “sleep hygiene”. Some of the behaviors and environmental factors that can be considered to be healthy sleep hygiene include:

  • Stop smoking
  • Reduce caffeine and alcohol consumption, especially just before bedtime
  • Adhere to a consistent sleep/wake schedule
  • Avoid eating close to bedtime
  • Spend time in the sunlight to promote a healthy circadian rhythm cycle
  • Exercise regularly
  • Avoid taking an excessive amount of naps during the day
  • Avoid using TV and other electronics at least 30 minutes before going to sleep
  • Avoid bright lights and maintain a dark sleeping environment

How can EVEXIAS DIM help me?

Sometimes, even adhering to healthy sleep hygiene is not enough to address sleep loss. Sleep issues, even those as severe as insomnia, can also be the result of a variety of other issues that include stress, genetics, certain medical conditions and the natural aging process. To help the body manage all the various factors that can contribute to sleep loss, the nutraceutical industry has developed products like EVEXIAS Sleep that have been packed with nutrients that have been recognized for their ability to support healthy sleep cycles. EVEXIAS Sleep is a professional grade nutraceutical that contains a powerful blend of adaptogenic herbs and neuroprotective organic chemical compounds known to naturally promote feelings of calm and support healthy sleep cycles.


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